Elissa Weaver

To the left is Elissa's self-portrait. I think it perfectly demonstrates her immense talent. We feel so blessed to have found her and actually succeed in convincing her to illustrate our book. She is currently a student at Texas A&M, majoring in Visualization. We first found her through a friend of one of Nick's friends, who is also at Texas A&M, whom we had initially approached about the project. Unfortunately, he was unavailable, but he referred us to Elissa and a few other colleagues of his.  We contacted each of them through email, and got art work back from a couple of them and, while the others were good, Elissa's work made the decision easy. That's really saying something as we courted some very talented artists, several of whom have worked on much bigger, name-brand projects, including artists who have worked for Disney, Dreamworks, and Warner Bros.,  just to name a few. We truly feel that Elissa has brought the exact look and feel that we wanted for The Gift Giver. I don't believe we could have found someone who could have done a better job of conveying the spirit and warmth of Christmas, while simultaneously bringing to life the magic and wonder of the holiday.

-Jacob Haslem

Below is her bio where you can find more of her work: www.behance.net/ElissaWeaver