The book is officially launched! Now what?

Well, we've made it... Kind of. Three days after launch and we're coming up on the national average number of book sales that published authors and self published authors can expect to achieve. We couldn't have done it without the help of you readers, and many other contributors, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. We still have a long way to go to get to where we hope to be. As many of you might know already, we set out to help change the over-commercialized culture that now surrounds Christmas. Change may not be the right word for it. Re-direct might be closer, or even in some degrees, restore might be closer to the mark.

In the beginning I wanted to write something that my kids would connect with and love. I hoped that it would help them feel closer to the Savior at Christmas time, and because of that feeling, they would feel what I hope to feel at Christmas: joy and the love of God. When they come to know the spirit of Christmas, I won't worry about them getting wrapped up and lost in the commercialization that now surrounds the holiday, because I know the light of Christ will shine through all of that. They will learn that it's nice to receive and be served, but is so much more rewarding to give and to serve. Now my hope, our hope, is to share this story so that it can help invite those same feelings, that same spirit into as many homes as possible. If more families share wonderful holiday experiences together, the more they will give to, and serve one another. Only good things happen when we love an serve one another. I'm going to stop there before I start to sound like a pious John Lennon.

To make it easier to purchase and share The Gift Giver, we've made some changes to the website. We now have an order page, the Pre-Order page has turned into the contact us page. Which we'd love to hear from you on, and if you would like to have us do a reading at your church, school, or other event please contact us on that page. On the order page you can see some lovely product pictures that my sister in law took for us that show off the book in all of its glory. The payment option is through good old fashioned credit card processing, and there are several shipping options to choose from. The landscape hardback and paperback are both on Amazon now, although it is easiest to find them by searching my name, Jacob Haslem (apparently there are a lot of Nick Allens out there, sorry buddy), rather than the title of the book. I'm going to work on that to figure out why, so stay tuned. At any rate if you've been thinking about buying the book for your family, think no longer, head over to the Order page and break out the plastic and prepare to spread some Christmas cheer. Oh great. I've gone from pious John Lennon to the Sham-wow guy. Let's just say this, if you think you'd like it we've made it easy to get, if not please feel free to buy it for someone else. That didn't help either, sorry. I am a pretty decent sales person when I'm selling someone else's product, but I'm a terrible self-promoter, so if those of you who have read the book could help us out that would be fantastic. Please write us an honest review on Amazon or Facebook or if you are on Good reads that would be great too. All kidding aside, thank you all for your support! The Gift Giver really wouldn't be anywhere if it weren't for your help, and please forgive for my lame sense of humor. I'm usually pretty tired when I write these posts.

So, what's next for us you ask? Well, as you might have seen on the Facebook page we will be at the Great Valley Book Fest in Manteca at Bass Pro Shops Plaza on 10/10/15 from 10 am to 4 pm and we would be happy to sign a copy of our book for you, chat, or answer any questions you might have. There will also be loads of other authors there and some cool workshops about self publishing and writing, if you aspire to such things. Soon we will be featured on blogs all across the country and we'll share those with you as the posts are created so you can stay up to the minute with our progress.

That's pretty much it for now, thanks for keeping in touch with us, we love to hear from you, so hit us up in the comments or on Facebook. Thanks,

Jacob Haslem