Super Teaser!!!

Hey everybody! I hope you've all had a great Thanksgiving holiday weekend so far! We've got an exciting new teaser trailer that we released last night, thanks to the awesome help of a friend of ours, Adam Hutchings, who spent some of his holiday family time (while out of state) putting the video together for us. I hope you all like it, and that it piques your interest in the upcoming storybook! You'll find the video right on the home page of this site. We have a few more trailers that we plan on releasing over the next year in preparation for our Christmas 2015 release, and you will find that each one will be designed to cause you to think a little bit as a question is posed at the end. "Have you ever wondered why I bring you gifts?" What we as a society have established about the traditional Christmas icon, Santa Claus, is that he brings good little boys and girls gifts on Christmas Eve so that, when they wake up on Christmas morning, they have presents under their trees and in their stockings to open and enjoy. Toys, books, games, candy, etc., bring excitement and joy to young ones around the world on December 25th every year. Have you ever wondered where this all started, though? When and why did the old man in red begin his winter-time tradition? Stay tuned, and get ready, as we prepare to tell you the story of The Gift Giver, and shed some light on the history of Ol'
 Saint Nick! ;)

-Nick Allen

P.S. Comment below about your favorite Christmas memories, and/or your thoughts on the question in the video!