So...first post

Alrighty, well, for those of you who know about this project, you are probably fairly up to date on what's happening. I am literally working on the website right now. Nick and I are working on getting the book trailers up and going. Hopefully, we will have the first one done a little after Thanksgiving, officially starting our efforts of getting the word out. We are, needless to say, very excited for the coming year. This last Saturday, I happened upon a local book festival full of local authors who were offering tips about publication and the best practices for marketing books and the like. Special thanks to those who took time to answer questions, you know who you are. I'll just give a quick update on where things are at with each of us:

Elissa- Elissa is in Italy right now, studying abroad, learning how to be an even more amazing artist, if you can believe that. She's been faithfully cranking out work on the pictures while dealing with a full work load of accelerated learning and taking in the once in a lifetime adventure that is traveling abroad. She'll be home in just a few weeks, and then we'll really be rolling. We'll keep you up to date with some of the images that come in. Although, we don't want to give too much away...

Jacob- My main task right now is getting the website finished. Although, I frequently get distracted looking at other marketing things and learning more about the industry that we are trying to infiltrate. I will also be working on a Facebook page, or getting someone more qualified to work on it, and getting some videos up on the site.

Nick- Is getting things organized for the 1st book trailer that we will be putting out in the next week or two. He and I are also working with a few other gifted folks to help bring things to life a little more. This will hopefully include some original music that we will be using for the book trailer. 

All in all it's all very exciting. I hope those of you that know about this project will tell your friends and family, and help us make this a success. Thanks, and stay tuned!