Jacob with his son Ethan

Jacob with his son Ethan

Jacob Haslem was born in Cedar City, Utah, but grew up in Greybull, Wyoming from the time he was 5-years old. He had many memorable adventures as a child and youth, and has always had a great appreciation for a good story.

 Jacob began writing poetry regularly in his early teens. He took inspiration from rock music lyrics, movies, literature, and scripture. The Gift Giver marks his first effort to write a book of any kind. 

Having been brought up in a close and strong family with a firm faith in God and Jesus Christ, he has always aspired to be a good family man. He has been married since 2006 to his best friend, Whitney Scott. Together they have two sons, Ethan and Mason. They met in, and live near, Whitney's home town of Modesto, California. She and his two sons are his whole world. 

Jacob's hobbies and interests include: most anything creative, sports, coyote hunting, really good food, music, good stories, movies, and the occasional video-gaming session with his brother.


Nicholas Allen was born and raised in Modesto California. In 2011, he moved all the way to Riverbank, California, where he currently resides with his wife, Kelsi. They have no children (yet). Nick has a passion for story-telling, and can oft be found entertaining groups of friends, family, and innocent bystanders with witty, and occasionally epic, tales of his daily life. He dreams of one day being able to write books, and tell his stories to the world. He and Jacob have known each other for a number of years, but this is their first project together. He also enjoys good food, a good joke, and afternoon naps. However, more importantly, he loves the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and cherishes the opportunities he has been blessed with in his short life to experience the gospel in action. The Gift Giver is a blessed project that he hopes will touch families in a positive way. He feels honored to be able to work on this book that he believes will become a timeless tradition in homes and hearts.